Sustainability Leadership Consulting

The biggest challenge for most colleges and universities is how to integrate various sustainability initiatives into a comprehensive strategy. Mitch’s book, The Nine Elements of a Sustainable Campus, addresses this question by explaining how each element—energy, food, materials, governance, investment, wellness, curriculum, interpretation, and aesthetics, contributes to the whole campus picture.

As a consultant, Mitch will work with all constituencies to bring together the most innovative sustainability thinking on your campus. As a former college president, and through his experience working with the ACUPCC (American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment), Mitch will work with your senior team to catalyze your campus efforts. He will provide a synthesis of your strengths, show you how to amplify them, and help you strategize your next steps based on the specific cultural, academic, and financial considerations of your campus.

Whether you bring him to campus for a single day or an entire week, he will provide a new perspective on sustainability, organizational leadership, and curricular innovation. 

Utilize Mitch as a Consultant