Meeting and Workshop Facilitation

SEI worked with Mitch to facilitate a convening at the Pocantico Center in New York. The event sought to address current problems blocking wider adoption of energy and resource efficiency programs in North America, topics that Mitch had lent his expertise to SEI on in the past.

The event invited a diverse group of experts from finance, sustainability, government, and philanthropy to brainstorm solutions that could better scale energy efficiency investment in specific industries, especially higher education and municipalities.

Throughout the day and a half of meetings, Mitch adeptly guided the conversation, helping to coalesce a long series of discussions into clear and actionable items. Mitch was an engaging and insightful facilitator, and a critical element to the success of those meetings.
— Emily Flynn, Associate Director, Sustainable Endowments Institute, A Special Project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

Good meeting facilitation is an active blend of listening, guidance, and creative improvisation. It requires knowing how to elicit contributions from all participants, keeping the topic on track while allowing for new ideas, and meeting the strategic needs of the organization. At the same time, you have to keep the conversation moving, the ideas flowing, and the possibilities unfolding. It requires a blend of synthesis, freedom, and discipline. It also requires the ability to allow for creative conflict and diverse perspectives

Using his skills as an educator and leader, Mitch will provide expertise in designing, planning, and implementing your meeting agenda. He will provide the necessary assistance that will help you catalyze a working group, build consensus, and inspire action.

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