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Emerging Leaders: Envisioning the Future of Sustainability

A workshop for experienced sustainability managers, offered through WOHESC (Washington and Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference)

Dr. Mitchell Thomashow is hosting a workshop geared toward sustainability managers, "Emerging leaders: Envisioning the future of sustainability," on Feb. 28 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Alder Hall 107.

This workshop will address how sustainability managers can continue to grow, help their campuses respond to (and anticipate) a new set of challenges, and build deeper community partnerships. Participants will identify pressing issues for their campuses, explore the extent to which they are common to campuses throughout the region, discuss what leadership roles are necessary, including how to mobilize the student body, and then finally consider how these challenges revitalize and support their career development. Registration for the workshop is $75.

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to Oct 29

Living Earth

Participating in Invitational Gathering at the Oak Spring Foundation. Details to follow.

This is very exciting invitational conference. Have a look at the wonderful essays contributed by the participants:


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